Musical Director Vacancy

After 21 years at the helm, Carole has decided to hang up her metaphorical baton, so we have a vacancy for a new musical director starting in or before January 2019. If you are interested in the position, please get in contact using the form below, and we’ll get in touch to discuss your application.

Job Description

The Avon Singers

The Avon Singers are a small four part choir of approximately 24 voices. Singers are required to read music and practise at home in order to make progress in rehearsal. We rehearse on Monday evenings in Little Comberton, near Pershore.

The music performed ranges from The Beatles and musicals to religious works such as Faure’s Requiem and The Armed Man.

We usually perform a concert in each of the spring, summer and autumn, and two at Christmas. The choir makes considerable contributions to charity and is often invited to provide performances for particular charities which can augment these. In addition the choir is available to hire for weddings and other events.

Musical Director

The Musical Director is responsible for the following:

  • Taking weekly rehearsals
  • Conducting performances
  • Ensuring that members enjoy rehearsals
  • Encouraging members to sing their best and blend with the choir
  • Selecting music which is both suitable for the capabilities of the choir and enjoyable to sing
  • Arranging these pieces into an interesting way as a programme
  • Striving to produce good performances which entertain both the audience and choir members
  • Liaising with the committee in sourcing venues, arranging concerts and ensuring the wellbeing of the choir
  • Auditioning new choir members

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